Lashes & Brow



Made from Human Hair and crafted onto a transparent lining VAU Beauty false eyelashes are undetectable upon application and very gentle and light on the eyes.

Our false eyelashes are available in 3 different varieties: Natural – Made for everyday wear, each lash is attached to a transparent lining. Bold – Made for night time wear and for those who wants extreme thicker and bold looking lashes. Diamond – For those who love attention this range of false eyelashes is sure to please with beautiful diamond gems.

VAU Beauty false eyelashes are so light and feel so natural that you won’t even remember wearing them on! Each pair is reusable over and over again if taken care of properly. Each pair comes beautifully individually packed in an acrylic round box as pictured They are each man made with the finest craftsmanship to ensure top quality wear and can be worn for all occasions.