Make Up Brushes



When it comes to Makeup brushes, hair type is the biggest and most important component. In general, Makeup brush hair types can be divided into three categories:

                     >Natural Hair (Soft)

                     >Natural Bristle (Coarse)

                     >Synthetic (Man-made).


VAU | Beauty Make Up Brushes are made from quality natural hair with the exception of the common foundation, concealer, mascara, bullet and eyebrow comb/ brush.  Each of our brush has been carefully selected by our team and tested for performance, resistance and durability before they are available to our consumers.  Best of all our brushes are so affordable compared to the others on the market! 

We also offer each of our brushes for retail sold individually as well on hang cells.  Retail stockist enquires all welcome.

Only natural hair has a center structure known as the medulla. The Medulla is covered by a thick sheath called cortex and is layered by cuticle which is like a shell of scales. The scales and hollows in the cuticle structure are responsible for holding and trapping whatever powders or cosmetics they pick up. So, when you press the brush, the 'trappings' will release the powder, blush or whatever makeup they have picked up. That is why natural hair is the best and most preferred makeup brush hair type as it is able to deliver and 'apply' makeup more effectively.

Synthetic brushes is unlike natural hair and do not have the scales or cuticle hence are not so 'absorbent' and will not 'trap' makeup media the way natural hair.  Synthetic brushes works best for using with liquid cosmetics.

VAU Beauty welcomes all orders from Make Up Schools/ Students and has been supplying our brushes to the industry since 2009. 

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Above: As advertised in Australia's Beauty Biz magazine